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        The Gold Connection (GC) has place a sample of the available lines of jewelry that can be purchased by the discerning shopper via this website.  By selecting links to the left you can see the various types of jewelry offered through out the GC website. In the event that you see an item that is not exactly what you want do not hesitate to contact GC. In your correspondence include the original item number (if it is a GC catalog item), the changes you wish to be made and a phone number should there be questions concerning your correspondence.  GC will promptly reply to your inquiry as soon as possible. With the exception of those pieces of jewelry that are restricted due to corporate restrictions,  GC will create that unique  jewelry piece that will satisfy your taste.  GC will also take drawings and convert them into that special piece jewelry. An  example of this in shown in the section to the left titled as Special Gifts. When viewing the Adinkra jewelry remember that any symbol listed on The Adinkra Symbols Page can be placed on a ring or made into a pendant.

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